Increase Your Brand Value with Effective Web Design

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Why Invest in Good Website Design?


One of the most important marketing tools that any company can have in its arsenal is a well-designed and effective website. In the age of Google Search and constant connectivity, it is a company’s website that is the first port of call for most potential clients and business partners and thus it becomes important for the website to be as attractive, informative and useful as possible. In this age of competition, when setting up a website is a matter of a few dollars and some basic understanding of computers, company websites can be found a dime-a- dozen and the one thing that can set a company’s website apart from its competitors is its design. A good first impression can make all the difference, since it is almost always the last impression as well. This is because when a potential client sees an unimpressive website, he or she can, with just a couple of clicks, move to another website.

Hiring a good and reputed web design company is of course the first step. But it’s equally important for the clients themselves to understand what the elements of good website design are. It is also necessary to be able to identify the common mistakes made in web design and how to avoid these pitfalls. This not only helps the clients form a clearer picture of the website that they want, it will also enable them to communicate their requirements to the web designers more effectively. A well-informed and educated approach to web design – both by the web designers and clients – will help to save a lot of time as well as money.

The first step in this regard is to be able to identify the common errors made in web design. There are many reasons why a website may fail to impress or attract users.



Common Mistakes


Outdated design

The web design trend which was used to design that particular website may be old and out of fashion. While it may still be perfectly functional, to the user, it reflects the company’s attitude towards to their business. According to the user, if the company hasn’t bothered to stay updated with its website, then it hasn’t bothered to stay abreast of latest technological and other developments in its own field.

Outdated content

Following the same logic as the first point, the contents of the website need to be updated as well. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. If the user tries to get in touch with the company and the contact number provided on the website no longer exists, the user is not going to bother with trying to find out the new one. He or she will simply move on. Similarly, if a product or a service that exists with the company has not been mentioned on the website, the user will go away thinking that the company is out of touch with current developments.

Errors in language

If there are language-related or factual errors on the website or some of the buttons and links don’t work, then it shows a lack of attention to detail and that is the image that the user is going to have of your company too.

Overcrowding of features

Another common error is cluttering the website with too much information or too many features. Too many colours, too much text or too many images: all these make the website look too ‘busy’ and instead of attracting users, end up confusing and annoying them.


Common patterns of web usage and how they affect website design


According to studies on internet use, the average user spends less than a minute on most websites. This is what is termed as ‘scanning’. In fact, the average time spent ‘scanning’ each web page is often just four or five seconds. This means that a website needs to grab the user’s attention in an incredibly brief period of time. Most users don’t actively note the good or bad features of a website; website design, in fact, affects most users subconsciously. If a website is attractive, updated with the latest contents and web design, is structured in a usable manner, then the user is immediately attracted to it. On the other hand, a badly designed, outdated website has exactly the opposite effect.

The common mistakes of web design have already been stated. So how do you ensure that not only do you avoid these pitfalls, but you actually make a website that is attractive, useful and has a high recall value. There a number of techniques and tips to keep in mind in order to grab the users’ attention.

Effective Web Design Tips


Professional look and feel

First and foremost, a website needs to look professional. The web design used has to be such that it will immediately create confidence in the user and will encourage them to avail of services or products that are offered on the website. A good example of such a professional design is the website of Apple Inc. The web design is consistent with their products as they both share clean-cut, functional and sophisticated looks.

Relevance of design to content

Web design also needs to be relevant to the website itself. If a website’s design looks like it has nothing to do with the company’s products or services, then the user will be confused. So using images of children on a website for web solutions is not going to make much sense for your users, while using those same images on a website for family financial planning will be more effective.

Visually pleasing design

Besides looking professional and relevant, the web design also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. This means that the use of fonts and colours needs to be consistent, and text needs to be balanced with images and videos. There shouldn’t be any blinking or overlapping text or flashing images.

Proper structuring

The website should also be properly structured. This will make user navigation much easier. To do this, ensure that the important information is available easily to the user. Carefully consider what key words your users will need to find your products and make ensure Search Engine Optimization. Also, besides having clearly marked main sections, you also need to have different pages in each section. To make it easier for the user to find their way back, use navigation tools like dropdown menus or breadcrumb navigation.

Respect empty space

When setting up a website a lot of people are tempted to fill up every available space with information, pictures, videos and other widgets, because empty space feels like a waste. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Proper use of empty space on a website can actually draw the user’s attention to the relevant information. The user doesn’t feel overwhelmed and will actually be able to understand your company’s products or services more clearly.

Catchy tagline

A useful tip to pick up from advertising and marketing is the effective use of a tagline. Most products and services stay in our minds because of the catchy taglines we associate them with. For instance, McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’: we only need to hear these words or read them somewhere to immediately think about the product. In a similar manner, the use of a catchy tagline – preferably in the header or the welcome page– will make your website instantly memorable.

Use spellcheck

No matter what language the content is in, always ensure that it meets the highest spelling and grammar standards. It won’t matter how impressive the logo or how catchy the tagline, if there is a typo or grammatical error anywhere, you are going to put off your users. It doesn’t take much to get your website proofed and edited, and it pays high dividends. It shows the user that you care enough about your company’s image, as well as its products and services.

Put your user in control

Another important thing to remember is that users like to have control over how they use the website. So try not to use pop-up windows or automatic music, as this only puts off users. Also, as far as possible, make sure that a new page or section doesn’t open on a new tab. Most users prefer the simplicity offered by the back button on the browser. If you feel this makes navigation cumbersome, use the breadcrumbs navigation system , as mentioned above.

Updated content and design

One more thing that needs to be remembered is that websites should be regularly updated, not just in terms of their content, but also in design. For this, when you’re structuring your website, you need to ensure that if it can be easily redesigned without causing any significant change in usability or navigation. Updated website design is very important, because users judge a company by how its website looks. If the design is outdated, they will assume that other aspects of the company are outdated as well.

Make it user-friendly

Most importantly, the website design has to be user-friendly. No matter how updated or well-designed the website is, it won’t matter to the user if they can’t comfortably use the website. This means that everything – from the information to the navigation – should be easy for people to understand, and use.




These are some important tips to help understand the value of good website design and how to get it. As we conclude, it will be useful to go over some of the more salient points covered in this paper. They are:

Positive branding

A well-designed and informative website will affect your brand positively. On the other hand, a badly designed and confusing website will only affect it negatively.


Good web design is important because it is a crucial tool in your arsenal to attract customers. A bad website will turn away your customers as well as potential partners, because it signals that you’re not serious about your business.

Sincerity and thoroughness

Updated website design is also very important, because it shows that you and your company are informed about the latest trends and make an extra effort to always be updated.

Guide your customers

Your customers don’t always know exactly what they are looking for. It’s your website’s job to guide them in the right direction. This can be done by making the information clear and the navigation easy.

Be user-friendly

Your website needs to be user-friendly. It should be accessible and understandable even to the most basic users.

Avoid clutter

Don’t clutter your website with too many elements, features or information. Always keep it simple to avoid confusing the users.

Attract your customers

Draw your users in with the use of catchy taglines, well-designed logos and short, direct sentences.

We hope you have understood the important features of effective web design and also how to avoid falling into common traps and mistakes. By keeping in mind the points listed in this white paper, not only will you save your time – your most valuable resource – but you’ll also be saving a lot of effort.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

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Microsoft Surface TabletMicrosoft Surface TabletMicrosoft Surface TabletMicrosoft_Surface_4Microsoft_Surface_5Microsoft_Surface_6Microsoft_Surface_7Microsoft_Surface_8Microsoft_Surface_9Microsoft_Surface_10

Microsoft Surface is a tablet made by Microsoft to accompany the new Windows 8 operating system that will be available soon. Microsoft Surface is a portable tablet PC that is extremely slim and stylish with the same functionality as regular tablets. It was designed to complement the new Windows 8 operating system with its touch screen interface. The Surface is built with portability in mind and can easily be packed up and stuffed in a purse or backpack with ease. What makes the Surface unique from other tablets is the magnetic keyboard that literally snaps onto the tablet turning touch screen into type. The keyboard can fold over like the cover of a book when transporting the tablet. Another uniqueness is the kickstand that allows the tablet to sit upright on a tabletop.


The Surface is built to be lightweight, slim and versatile in all aspects, especially with its 3mm keyboard that also serves as a cover to the tablet. This dual functionality is what sets it apart from the rest. With a flip of the wrist, the cover becomes a fully functioning keyboard. This is ideal for switching into work mode or chat mode with friends where a keyboard comes in handy. The total thickness of the unit is roughly 9mm, just big enough to fit a standard USB slot for printing or charging your phone on the go. The whole idea behind this machine is to make on-the-go lifestyle more convenient. Everything about the Surface is designed with portability in mind.


The 10.6” HD display is crystal clear and has ClearType technology that makes on-screen type easy and clear to read. The Surface has an ample amount of space for watching movies or videos in high-resolution. They””ve added a Micro SD card slot so that users can bring their entire video library on the go with them. The Surface can easily replace travel DVD players all together by allowing for an entire selection of movies to be played without any discs, once again saving space. Like its competitors, The Surface has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. Pair the rear-facing cam and the kickstand on this device and you have the setup for a conference call or network meeting. It has the capability of recording any kind of meeting with a hands-free approach.


There are actually two versions of Microsoft Surface. One aimed for the masses and one aimed for business enterprises. The Surface Pro is the one made specifically for enterprises and runs on Windows 8 Pro operating system. The version running on Windows RT will be the one available to the mass market.


The Surface with Windows RT is only slightly heavier than an iPad. The Surface weighs in at 676 grams compared to the iPad weighing in at 652 grams. The Surface Pro is considerably heftier at 903 grams. The Surface Pro almost weighs 2 lbs which is only a tad less than the lightest laptop on the market. The Surface RT is only 1 mm thinner than iPad at 9.3 mm whereas iPad is 9.4 mm. The Surface Pro is, once again, a mammoth in comparison at 13.5 mm. Both the Surface RT and Surface Pro have 10.6” displays which outdo the iPad””s 9.7” screen. Both the Surface RT and iPad have 32-gigabyte and 64-gigabyte versions, but iPad also has a smaller 16-gigabyte version that the Surface RT doesn””t offer. The Surface Pro is available in 64-gigabyte and 128-gigabyte versions. As far as battery life goes, the Surface RT only gets 31.5 watt-hours where the Surface Pro gets 42 watt-hours and the iPad gets 42.5.


Microsoft hasn””t given any indication of the price of the Surface, other than to say it would be priced as comparable tablets. That leaves us to assume, that the Surface RT will start somewhere in the $600 price range like its main competitor the iPad 32-gigabyte version. It is suspected that Apple will continue to dominate the app market considering it has a 2.5 year lead and over half a million apps in the App Store. There is just no way for the Surface to catch up in this area of the market. There has also been speculation that the Surface””s entrance into the market will end up hurting Google and Amazon more than it will Apple.


As for a release date, Microsoft hasn””t revealed that yet either but confirmed that it would launch at the same time as the Windows 8 OS. The anticipated date for the launching of Windows 8 is this coming fall.

Apple”s top 10 announcements in WDC ’12.

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Apple''''''''s top 10 announcements in WDC-2012


A number of industry insiders walked away impressed with Apple’s keynote presentation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Several were pleased with Apple’s new Pro Retina Display on the MacBook, more Siri abilities and the new map software for iPhones.


Other analysts found favor with the iOS 6 mobile operating upgrade and its 200 features. It’s expected to be on store shelves this fall along with the iPhone 5 debut. The Shared Photo Streams in iOS is expected to broaden Apple’s strength in sharing photos.


The new MacBook Pro will come into the market featuring the highest resolution display. To take advantage of that, Photoshop, AutoCad and Final Cut Pro are all upgrading their software.


Here are the Apple highlights from the conference:


1. The long-anticipated divorce between Apple and Google came to fruition as Apple rolled out its own Map app at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple’s iPhone has featured the mapping software from Google since 2007. That’s now over.


Users have made the map applications the most popular software on their smartphones. The new Apple Maps app will deploy with turn-by-turn directions and a fly over mode presented in 3-D. Traffic will be monitored in real-time.


2. Users will be treated to more sports, movie and restaurant information with the iOS digital assistant Siri. Partnerships have been expanded with Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp and OpenTable. Spanish, Korean and Chinese have been dropped into the language service. The latest iOS will feature Siri on the iPad.


3. Apple is offering iPhone users a new digital wallet called PassBook. Users can store digital tickets, boarding passes, shopping coupons and tickets for movies.


4. User who love Facebook will now have the ability to share data directly to the social media giant through the new iOS. Buying stuff at the App Store will be enhanced with like buttons, creating a social media experience.


5. The roll-out of the MacBook Pro won the approval of many attendees with its Pro Retina Display, its featherweight 4.5 pounds, the 15-inch screen and the slim 0.71-inch height. The screen boasts 5 million pixels with 220-pixels in every inch, which equates to a 2,880 x 1,800 resolution. Each laptop will be ready to go with an SD reader, a couple of Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. The flash memory-based hard drive has a 768 gigabytes capacity. Memory can be expanded to 16 GB. The MacBook Pro sports an Intel quad-core Ivy Bridge processor chip. The cost is set at a nifty $2,199. It’s shipping now.


6. Apple engineers went under the hood and souped up the current MacBook Pros with the Intel chip mentioned above and boosted the graphics with the Nvidia GeForce GT650M. These MacBooks also feature a pair of USB 3.0 ports. The 13-inch MacBooks will sell for $1,799 and the 15-inch models will cost $2,199. The 17-inch models haven’t been updated yet.


7. Buyers interested in the MacBook Air laptops will see a $100 price break. These laptops come with a single Thunderbolt port, the Ivy Bridge chips with Turbo Boost and two 3.0 USB ports. The graphics will display faster, and these laptops feature a flash storage of 512 GB. The 11-inch MacBook Air starts at $999, while the 13-inch model is priced at $1,199. Both are on the store shelves now.


8. Users looking for enhanced support in Apple’s iCloud service will find it in Apple’s new OSX. It will include a synchronization document service for TextEdit, Preview, Pages and Keynote. The new Dictation feature allows users to write e-mails and start up applications through speech, bypassing the keyboard. Power Nap will allow updates while the system is in sleep mode.


9. The OSX Mountain Lion will hit the street at $19.95 next month. Any buyer who bought a computer after this conference will get the new OSX free. Users will have the ability to play games between OSX and iOS.


10. Apple announced that users will have the ability to send the computer’s display to an Apple TV with mirroring.


Overall, Apple offered lots of goodies for users to play with this summer. The company didn’t hit a grand slam at the conference, but the bases are loaded with no outs.

Apple unveils iOS6 for iPhone and iPad with 200 new features

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Apple unveils iOS6 for iPhone and iPad with 200 new features. Apple unveils iOS6 for iPhone and iPad with 200 new features.


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced the latest operating system features for iPhones and iPads.  iOS6 boasts over 200 new features in an effort to keep their customer base and compete with Google”s Android platform.  The software will be available in the fall.


Previously, Apple devices used Google Maps, but now iOS6 will use a new mapping system built for Apple devices.  This will be bad news for Google, because half of the traffic to Google Maps from mobile devices was on an Apple device.  Since Google and Apple are now in direct competition, it makes sense for Apple to forego Google software for their own version.

One key feature of the new mapping system is a 3-D image of cities and current traffic information.  They also include turn-by-turn directions, which were available on Google Maps for Android devices, but not for iOS devices.



Siri, Apple”s voice-activated software, also got an update.  It has more answers and information about movies, restaurants and sports.  Siri is now enabled on the new mapping program, so she can deliver directions via speech.

Siri now understands more languages and is available in more countries.  It is also now available for the iPad.



Apple also announced Passbook, a new app for both iPads and iPhones.  Passbook will digitally organize the user”s store loyalty cards, flight tickets, movie tickets and more.  Passbook also keeps track of gift cards and their balances and lets you use coupons at certain stores.



iOS5 had Twitter integrated into most apps, and now Facebook will also be integrated.  Simply log into your Facebook account in Settings, and you can share links, game scores, locations, photos and status updates.  Users can use Siri to upload pictures to Facebook with a voice command.  Your Facebook contacts will be synced with your phone contacts, and their birthdays will be added to the calendar app.  You can also “like” apps in the App Store and songs in iTunes.



Users can now manage email easier with two new inboxes: Flagged mail and VIP mail.  Mark contacts as a VIP, and their emails are shown in the VIP mailbox.  When an email arrives from a VIP, there will be a notification in the notification center.  Users can flag certain messages, and these will show in the Flagged Inbox.

One long-awaited feature is the ability to add video and pictures to email from the compose screen.  Users can also open documents with a password in the email app.



Select one or more photos in the Photos app and share with the friends you choose.  Friends using an iOS6 iPhone or iPad will receive photos instantly, and others can view them on the Internet.  Friends can comment and like photos just like on social networking sites.



Previously, Facetime only worked over Wi-Fi, but now it will work from anywhere.  Facetime is also available on the iPad.



Amazingly, Apple has improved the simple telephone call.  When you get a call, swipe to bring up a feature menu.  You can choose to accept or decline the call, and if you decline the call, you can send a text or set a reminder to return the phone call.

If you are busy, set your phone on Do Not Disturb.  You can set up a list of important people whom you would like to accept calls from, like your boss or significant other.



iOS6 makes it easy to browse the Internet on the go.  Save tabs on the iCloud, so you can browse from any device without missing a beat.  Save entire web pages in your Reading List, so you can read them even without a signal or Wi-Fi.


With the latest mobile operating system, Apple reduces its dependence on Google and adds features that once again sets it apart from its competition.  They added many features we will soon wonder how we lived without, and proved to the world that Apple is the king of mobile devices.

Reliability in Web Design

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If you have ever tried to start your own website or simply want to change up a page that you already host you know how difficult it is to find reliable web design companies and web designers. It is incredibly important that when you create your site you know what it is that you want your visitors to see, what it is that you want them to take away, and that your site is both visually appealing and informative. Doing all the work on your own can be difficult and often results in work that is far less impressive than you may want. Using a professional company like Instani can help you to create a web page that everyone will remember and that will help you to positively grow your business.

Instani offers a variety of services to help you create a site that you can be truly proud of. Our professional web designers work with customers tirelessly to make sure that the finished product you are presented with is the one that you want and that your creative vision is adequately displayed. These designs are also optimized to get you visitors and to make sure that your company or business is fully represented. Each site design is unique to both the customer and the business insuring that each finished product stands out from the thousands of websites that already populate the web.

In addition to top notch web design this company also offers online content management, ecommerce solutions, web application development, search engine optimization, and more. You can get a free quote from the site that allows you to see just what they can do for your company and business. Through the entire design process the professionals at Instani make sure that you understand what is going on and that you as a customer are a key component to the creation of your unique website.

Professionals at Instani are incredibly easy to contact so asking questions about what direction your site should be going in and any other technical concerns is a piece of cake. By contacting professionals you can be sure that the information you are getting is correct and useful. There are also a number of free resources that you can use to help boost your page views and learn some tricks to help optimize your existing site or to prepare to create your own site. Making an effective, unique, and visually appealing site has never been as easy as it is now. Web design does not have to be as difficult as everyone makes it out to be, especially if you have a professional company on your side that is willing to work tirelessly to secure your satisfaction and happiness.

Mysterious Microsoft Announcement To Be Held This Month

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Software giants at Microsoft have recently stated that they are conducting an important announcement on the 18th June. It is known that it will take place in the city of lights, Los Angeles at 15.30. It is said to be circulating around the company’s future plans but no specific details have yet been leaked concerning what exactly the topic will end up being about. It is becoming a highly anticipated but mysterious event in the world of computing, while people cannot wait to hear what the company have to say.

Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura recently noted that he believes – though the aim of the announcement is still a little hazy – that it is likely to be product-related and revolve around a new line of products that may be on the horizon. It has been said that various reports have suggested the utilization of ARM-based tablets, in connection with Windows RT. Interestingly, Sherlund also questions the whereabouts of the announcement, stating that Los Angeles is a strange place to hold a product-related meeting, which makes his prediction a little more unlikely. This leaves other possibilities open to speculation.

An invitation was sent out, shortly before media got hold of the exciting news and spread it worldwide. It contains the necessary details with regards to getting to the event, but let’s nothing out, keeping guests in a great deal of suspense. It provided guests with the time and location of the meeting, and made it clear that one additional guest may be registered per invitee. The invitation has also stated that additional (and perhaps more revealing) information with regards to the meeting will be given on the morning of the 18th, through email.

The invitation went on to announce that if the invitee is not local, then a local colleague may be sent in place of the guest. Photographers will be allowed if required, provided they are registered as the one additional guest and accept that photographs and video may be limited in the meeting. All guests will be entirely responsible for personal accommodation, while registration has been announced ‘first come, first serve’, so guests should aim to be at the gates as soon as possible.

Responding to the invitation will be possible through the use of an email. It will simply involve replaying to the electronic invitation. Excitingly, the people over at Microsoft have declared this event to be a ‘major’ announcement, telling invitees that they will definitely not want to miss out on what needs to be said. The secret will most likely remain so until the 18th, and it seems as though this is a strategic attempt to get people bursting with anticipation. This is exciting news in the technology empire.

Will Anonymous Target Facebook on Nov. 5???

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Anonymous, a group of hacker activists have made a mysterious career out of big game hunting. The group, or hackers purporting to be part of Anonymous, has previously attacked targets such as Bank of America, Sony and even government sites. Now, the group may be targeting Facebook on November. 5.

The bad news is Anonymous is probably good enough to take down the social network, if only for a brief while, if they felt like it. The good news — for Facebook fans — is that the group frequently uses threats and warnings as a way to get people thinking about their targets without actually diving in. Facebook is now a target for abusing user privacy.

There was a mild buzz around the Internet about Nov. 5 as a potential Facebook attack date. Nov. 5 corresponds to Guy Fawkes Day, a UK holiday celebrating the failed plot by a crew of conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, to blow up British Parliament in 1605 and kill King James I. The holiday is supposed to celebrate the saving of the King’s life, but in recent years, it seems the revelry now favors Guy Fawkes and the idea of speaking truth (or gunpowder) to power. Fawkes was later popularized in the graphic novel-turned-movie V for Vendetta, which introduced a highly stylized Fawkes mask worn by rebels and revelers.

Anonymous seems to have dropped the Facebook attack, nicknamed “OP_FB.” There is little recent action on their Twitter account and there have been no new or significant statements specifically targeting Facebook. Instead, Anonymous is turning its attention to more public-friendly targets such as disrupting child pornography sites and threatening to attack the Zeta Mexican drug cartel (Anonymous has since backed down from the latter).

As of Nov. 3, — a kind of Anonymous open forum — included a post saying:
Ideas for OP_FB:
Post ideas here guys. We are more powerful than DDoS attacks, and facebook isn’t going to keel over from something so small. We have more power than this and we should utilize it.
However, this seems more like brainstorming than a concerted attack. Even if Anonymous doesn’t decide to attack the world’s most popular social network, the threat itself certainly makes you think about just how much information Facebook owns and what it’s doing with our personal privacy.

Do you think Anonymous will go after Facebook???

Microsoft’s Vision – Latest Concept Smartphone

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How will smartphones work in the future? Microsoft provides a vision of how various futuristic devices and systems will be working seamlessly in the future.

Google +1 Button – Effects on Online Business

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Google introduced the +1 button to give the users an added advantage to the most advanced search engine known for giving the most relevant search results. Google’s +1 button empowers the users by giving them the choice of recommending their favourite sites, restaurants, shops, blogs, recipes, or anything else under the sun. Google proposes to increase the relevancy of the search results quickly, by providing you the recommendations given by people you know in your social circle. So the search engine provides the results of not only the most relevant web pages, but also provides the results that you can trust.

Google enables the users to share recommendations through the search results. The +1 button is available next to each search result. The users can recommend a website, an ad, or a recipe by just clicking +1 on a webpage. All the recommendations start showing up in the relevant search results. Similar to the ‘Like’ button of Facebook, Google’s +1 button helps you recommend anything you like in Google search results, so that all your friends know that the site is genuine. The user also has the option to undo this action after pressing the +1 button. For instance, you plan to go on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. You surf the web and the Google search results show +1 from your scuba-diving friend next to the lodging results from Cairns, Queensland. Or you are searching for an interior décor blog for remodelling your house, and your sister’s recommendation of a particular blog saves you the time to search for more.

How to use Google +1 Button?

The Google +1 button provides you with the recommendations that suit you because they come from people that know you and you get the information exactly when you are looking for it. Google +1 button uses many embedded algorithms to identify the relevant recommendations that people you are connected with through contacts or chat. Google also plans to extend other signals such as Facebook and Twitter to make search results even more relevant. To connect your social circle to get recommendation from your friends, go to the Google Dashboard, and see ‘Social Circle and Content’ section to see who you are connected with or add more contacts to your social circle.

To start off on the Google +1 button, the user should create a Google profile or upgrade the Google profile. The +1 tab in your profile has all the +1 listed in one place. The tab helps you delete the previous recommendations that you no longer want to rate. To see you’re the +1’s of the people you know, in your search result, you should be logged into Google Account.

Apart from enhancing the search results, Google +1 button in blogs and individual websites for people who follow your blog recommend it without leaving the site. You can sign up in the +1 Webmaster site to be notified when the +1 button is available to be embedded in your website. Currently, Google +1 button is available only in English.

Google +1 button, not only helps individuals to choose the right site or product, but also helps businesses by building a positive reputation. Google would offer the +1 button to other websites, the same way Facebook provided the ‘Like’ button. These personalized +1 recommendations will help the consumers know whether a particular business suits their need, thus helping a site’s chance to get more customers. The business websites do not have to make any special changes in the advertising strategy for the +1 button, though +1 helps calculate the quality of the site, thus enhancing the quality of the Google search results.

Effects on Online Business:

Google had struggled to improvise its social network, by attempting to introduce Orkut, which has not gained popularity, while Buzz had privacy issues that caused a lot of problems to the company. The Google +1 button is expected to not only improve the social networking status of the company, but also enhance the algorithms used in web search. The +1 button will impact the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on online marketing. Here are a few descriptions on how the button affects SEO:

Search Engine Optimization: Google uses information from social networking sites such as Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter, as signals to provide relevant search results. Thus, Google +1 button will enhance a website’s chance to be shown in the search results once it has been recommended.

Click Through Rate (CTR): The Google +1 button affect this as the users chose to click on the web pages or search results, which have already been recommended or +1’d by a friend. As the users can check the number of people in their social circle that recommended a particular site with their pictures and names, the preview of these web pages would be more likely to be clicked and their chances of being visited by the users increase drastically.

Crawling Rate: Google used algorithms which determine the time and length to crawl into each site without overwhelming the server’s bandwidth depending on the quality of the site. The web pages that have been recommended by +1 button would be more likely to be crawled by Google search engines, as Google stores the content and title of the web page that has a +1 button click.

Adwords: Though Google has mentioned in their site that the quality score of a web page would not change, as the +1 button does affect the CTR, the ad that has been +1’d will more likely be clicked than the ones that were not recommended. The ads will also have a +1 button, which cannot be disabled by the advertisers. One +1 button click would not be considered as click and hence no additional charges would be levied upon the advertisers. But both Google and the advertisers would statistically know the number of people recommending their content.

Though Google’s +1 button looks like the Facebook ‘Like’ button, it will surely affect the way people would search online in the future.


Introducing the +1 Button

iPhone5 – Launch Date, Features, Rumours

Published on 3 May 2011 by admin in iPhone DevelopmentnameMobile Development

By the end of this year Apple is going to launch next series of iPhone, which is going to be iPhone5. This time the experts are expecting to see something new and innovative. If we consider some of the rumors, then can easily conclude that iPhone5 will be completely redesigned handset. If you are willing to get some latest news regarding iPhone, then this blog contains everything for its readers. iPhone5 will be developed on completely new pattern and technologies. It is expected that iPhone5 will be the excellent combination of CDMA, GSM and UTMS. The device will give support to both AT&T as well as Verizon in US.

Release Date Of iPhone5

There are lots of rumors on the release date of iPhone5. According to the industry analysts, it is expected that this new generation phone will be launched in September 2011. Apple will start production in July and may release iPhone 5 in September. So we can assume that it will be available in stores in late 2011. The company is focusing to make the compatibility on MAC and iOS operating system.

Features of the iPhone5

Let’s discuss the main features which we are expecting in iPhone5. Basically there are many exclusive features available in iPhone5 but the fact is that these are only based on rumors. Currently on the basis of most legitimate rumor we came to know that iPhone5 will surely have few things better which include camera quality, increased storage capacity and new OS. Following, I am going give a brief introduction over the enhanced features of iPhone5.

1. iTune cloud

Apple is planning to launch the cloud version of iTune. Therefore, it is expected that iPhone lovers will have something special this time.

2. Enhanced Audio Control

As iPhone5 is coming with new iOS 5, then it is expected that the voice control will be improved from the old one.

3. Better camera

As iPhone4 was launched with the 4Mpx camera and now this quality is expected to be enhanced with 8Mpx digital camera.

4. Home button

According to the rumors, this time in iPhone5 the users will see the home button. The phone functionality will be completely bases on touch sensitive keyboard.

5. Better resolution

The iPhone5 module will have better visibility as compared to the iPhone4. The company is working to improve the picture quality of the phone.

6. Bigger Screen

This could be the exciting news for all those who are looking for bigger screen. The iPhone5 is coming up with wide diameter which may be 4 inch or 5 inch.

7. New Design

Apple is planning to launch iPhone5 with completely new design and pattern. This is done in order to provide something new for his worldwide customers.

8. White module

IPhone series lover will definitely love to see iPhone5 in completely white module. It is estimated that this time iPhone5 will be launched with white module.

9. Physical keyboard

If we consider the rumors, then you all will be surprised to see that iPhone5 will be in the market with physical keyboard. It is really cool news for all who are waiting for this super phone from long time.

iPhone 5 is going to be the first mobile, which has remained under the large number of rumors. That is the main reason, why users are expecting more from this application. No worries, as launching dates are near and we hope the company will full fill the requirements of its customers.